Moro says Jeanine ez is the political victim of the new America

Moro says Jeanine ez is the political victim of the new America

Former Bolivian president sentenced to 10 years in prison for coup against Evo Morales

Former minister and former judge Sergio Moros (Unio Brasil-SP) said this Saturday (11.June.2022) that the former Interim President of Bolivia, Jeanine Aez, is “A Political Victim in this New Latin America”. She went away Criminal On Friday (June 11) 10 years in prison, charged with orchestrating the 2019 coup against his predecessor, Evo Morales.

“Jeanín ez assumed the presidency after the resignation of Evo Morales. He was arrested and sentenced with the return of Bolivarian rule, albeit under another president. It is a political victim in this new Latin America. I I am also surprised by the silence of many.” Moro defended.

According to Bolivian justice, ez was convicted of taking “Decisions contrary to the Constitution” and for “Abuse of Duty”. His defense said that he would appeal against the decision to international bodies.

While serving as interim president, Aanz faced a wave of opposition due to both social and economic woes EpidemicAs well as political maneuvers to postpone the conduct of elections.

Only in October 2020—after several delays—the Bolivians left election new president election, was chosen louis arce, Morales’ associate. Aeneas was arrested in March 2021. In addition to plotting to get Evo to resign, she was also allegation of terrorism, The former interim president has denied the allegations.

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