Moroccan security amidst arrests, beatings and harassment against citizens of “Western Sahara” caused by Algeria “atrocities”

Moroccan security amidst arrests, beatings and harassment against citizens of "Western Sahara" caused by Algeria "atrocities"

The British “Middle East Eye” website published a detailed report in which it revealed recent violations by Moroccan security against citizens of Western Sahara, which escalated significantly before and after matches that saw Moroccan and Algerian teams in the Qatari capital. brought together, Doha, in the qualifiers for the Arab Cup”.

Moroccan security “atrocities” against citizens of Western Sahara

In details, the above website reported that during the match hours of both sides in the “Arab Cup” qualifiers, there was a kind of calm due to curfew in El-Ayon, the largest city in Western Sahara. Moroccan authorities, which closed cafes, restaurants and any places where matches could take place. Football in the workplace.

The British website indicated that Algeria’s victory over Morocco encouraged the Sahrawis to organize the celebration because of their support for the independence of Western Sahara, which is seen as an “occupying power”.

In addition, the site cited the testimony of journalists and human rights activists, in which they confirmed that: “Moroccan security forces and police were waiting for them. They attacked, arrested and beat others at the police headquarters.” “

On the night of the match, which brought the two teams together, the director of the non-profit “Breakfast” Foundation told the British site: “Eight cars and three motorbikes came to surround his house. Some members of the organization were watching the match. Were.”

He said, “The vehicles parked belonged to several different security agencies. Including the General Directorate of Land Monitoring. Morocco’s internal intelligence agency. He was led by Younis Fadel, a widely feared officer well-known locally.

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According to the same website, a brother of the director was coming to watch the match. But on his way inside, the siege officers stopped him and asked for his ID. So, Hamad and his father set out to meet the security forces, who informed him that he was wanted for arrest.

And the website reported that Moroccan authorities, dressed in civilian clothes and masked, asked Lahmad whether he “supports Western Sahara for self-determination, whether he supports the Polisario Front, which fights for the independence of Western Sahara.” has been, and whether it supports Western Sahara’s self-determination.” He is still a journalist, and the answer to all his previous questions was “yes”.

Lahmad was arrested, thrashed and threatened

In this context, “Lahmad”, his colleagues and other Sahrawi journalists told the British website that he was then forced to climb into the back of a police car with four Moroccan officers.

Regarding the details of his arrest, “Lahmad” indicated that he was: “Blindfolded and handcuffed and thrashed in a car with an iron rod on his way to police headquarters. A referendum in Western Sahara.” The United Nations Mission for MINURSO is located only two kilometers from the office.

He explained that he was “placed between the front seats so that the driver of the car, known as “Esergeny”, could elbow him in the face and head, while those in the back seats continued to hit him, To which the site confirmed: ” I fainted, but not completely.”

In his detention facility, Hamad was beaten with a baseball bat (photos are documented and shown on the website), as scars can be seen all over his body. She was told that if she did not stop her activity she would be killed or raped the next time around.

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According to his testimony, the police targeted Morocco He could not stand till his feet and was then dragged down the stairs so that he could be questioned by security personnel, who asked him about his political views, his associates and the work he was doing.

After being released from the police headquarters at 2.30 pm, Hamad returned to his home. from where it has remained till now. He is still under observation and has not been able to see a doctor yet.

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