Mosquito tornado in Argentina

Mosquito tornado in Argentina

Argentine media today reported a strange incident in Buenos Aires province. A tornado of mosquitoes.

The mosquito tornado does not exist as a phenomenon. What happened was a huge cloud of mosquitoes that took on the appearance of a tornado. Only a cloud of mosquitoes would be an unusual fact, but the appearance of a tornado is even more curious to be taken.

The strange incident was filmed by drivers traveling on Route 74 that connects General Madariga to Pinmar in the province of Buenos Aires.

This insect is a harmless species of human that breeds in “herds” that form several meters away from the ground. The Atlantic coast, where the episode occurred, has been affected by a major invasion of mosquitoes in recent times, a consequence Accumulation of several days of fine rain and high temperatures, ideal conditions for propagation.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life”, said a driver who recorded the incident with his cell phone and then responded to the social network to the amazement of users.

About the “tornado”, a biologist They reported that unlike dengue mosquitoes, which marry in pairs, the species breed in herds that form several meters from the ground.

“Eggs can take a year to wait for land to flood. As soon as the larvae are born, at that temperature they become pupa in 5 or 6 days and then in 48 hours they become mosquitoes. Males are born in the first and first 24 hours.

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