Most beneficiaries spend emergency assistance digitally

Most beneficiaries spend emergency assistance digitally

More than half of people receiving emergency assistance spend benefits through cell phone applications, before withdrawals at lottery shops and branches, said Pedro Guerrais, president of the Federation of Sixa Aconica today (9). He participated in the program the voice Brasil And emphasized the importance of the CAEXA TEM application in banking and financial inclusion of the population.

“People are using the Caixa Temp very well. More than half of the people [que recebem o auxílio emergencial] There is already profit before withdrawing from lotteries and branches. This is very important because they eat [poupança] They are free and will stay after assistance.

The president of Caixa said that last year the bank paid 120 million Brazilians through the application and said the device would be used not only for emergency assistance but to pay for all the bank’s social and labor benefits. “The government consisted of 38 million people who did not have access to any kind of social benefits. These people got a free bank account,” he said.


The president of CAXA insisted that in two cases, beneficiaries of emergency assistance would have to go to the agencies before payment could begin. The first concern is some users who switched cell phones between the end of last year and the end of April this year and blocked the Caixa Tame app. The second refers to beneficiaries with more than one CPF, who will need to go to agencies to prove their identity.

According to Guimarães, it would be necessary for agencies to participate in these situations to avoid fraud. However, he told the beneficiaries to avoid bank runs and assured that all would be served. “You don’t have to arrive early [à agência], Just take the ID and it takes five minutes to unlock ”, he explained.

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Despite the precautions, the bank’s president insisted that the amount of fraud was very low, minus the payment of social benefits in the United States. According to him, in 2021, fraud should be even smaller, as emergency assistance would be paid into the same savings accounts that were used in 2020.


With benefits of R $ 150, R $ 250 or R $ 375 (depending on the family), a new round of emergency assistance was paid for informal workers to be deposited on Tuesday (6) and registered in the single registry. Social programs of the federal government (CadÚnico) in digital savings accounts in January. Today (9) received people born in February. On Sunday (11), those born in March will receive.

This public will be able to withdraw assistance only after four weeks of being credited to the digital savings account. Until then, money can only be handled by Caixa Temp, which allows the payment of home machines (water, electricity, telephone and gas), with purchase in electronic stores and QR codes (advanced versions of barcodes) in payment machines. Pays. Affiliated Establishment.

According to Guimarães, the period between the beginning of deposits and withdrawals is necessary to avoid agglomerations in lotteries and branches. “This calendar is really necessary to organize so that people know when to go to the agencies. It was done last year and even when we implemented it, in May, we achieved a very large reduction in queues. . [o calendário] For birthdays because the birthday month everyone knows when it is and it is easy for the population, especially the most polite ”, he explained.

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Only about 10 million Bolsa Familia beneficiaries will be able to seek emergency assistance directly from branches and lottery shops in the last ten days of the month. According to the president of Caixa, almost everyone enrolled in the social program will receive the amount of emergency assistance. As of 2020, members of Bolsa Familia will receive the current amount of benefits or emergency assistance, whichever is greater.

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