Motivational movies that will boost your professional career. Rede jonal contabile

Motivational movies that will boost your professional career.  Rede jonal contabile

In today’s article, we set up 6 movie tips for you, our readers, to get inspired by your work and stay in your work activities and achieve a career path to professional success.

There are some films that inspire you, whether it is inspired by a private or public career or to continue your studies.

Continue reading our article and enjoy the marathoning of all these classics.

1) In search of happiness (2006)

Inspired by the true story of businessman Christopher Gardner, director Gabrielle Muchiano’s film shows how Christopher’s past was before his fame.

Tight, poor and abandoned to his wife, he does everything to raise his son and to anyone in life.

Those who see this facility will be able to see that nothing in life is so easy, but we need courage to continue our journey.

2) Just Chance (2013)

Directed by David Frankel, “Just a Chance” tells the true story of Paul Potts, a salesman who has been tickled since childhood.

The Brit was fond of opera, but no one believed that one day he would be someone else by the age of 37, he managed to win the reality show “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Their trajectory resembles that of many people who face various difficulties along the way, but who manage to win in life with effort.

3) Male Honor (2000)

Carl Brasher is the first black person to achieve the title of Chief Diver in the United States Navy, a role previously played by whites.

During his career, Karl still faces great difficulty: he had to cut off one of his legs.

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Despite his complexion and disability, he continued on his way to his dream.

Moral: Even if people do not believe that you will pass a competition or you will not have a successful position, do not shake it because the prize is in front of you.

The film is based on real history and was directed by George Tillman Jr.

4) Training for Life – Coach Carter (2005)

There is no lack of inspiration in the world of cinema.

And on this list, we can’t stop talking about “Training for Life – Coach Carter” directed by Thomas Carter.

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, the film tells the story of Ken Carter, the owner of a sports goods store who accepts his mission to become an old-school basketball coach based in a poor area.

Once there, he changes the students’ history, demanding more discipline and respectful behavior; At first, they did not fully agree with the young coach, but eventually became an unbeatable team.

Often our daily income is not good due to lack of discipline and commitment, so we should reflect a lot on this matter.

5) Defining Giants (2006)

Alex Kendrick directed a film that everyone should watch, which is “Challenging Giants”.

The work depicts the story of Grand Taylor, the coach running a grand football team.

Everything seemed lost, even when he decides to change his strategy, he was close to losing his post.

Like him, we too must change strategy often so that our efforts pay off; We do not need to be stuck with lack of time or unemployment, we must persist with each failure.

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6) Gladiator (2000)

In Ridley Scott’s historical film Maximus was the commander of the Roman army, a favorite of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Seeing that his father likes Maximus, the commander is angry with the commander and plans his death.

Maximus loses his entire family and finds himself on a difficult and busy journey.

Finally, he manages to earn respect and respect in front of the entire society.

Nobody said that dreams are easy to achieve, and for this reason, we should move forward, even if others try to stop us halfway.

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