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iOS 14

At this point, you already know that iOS / iPadOS 14.5 Will come with a bucket of news including Unlock iPhones via Apple Watch For users with masks and Selecting Siri’s Standard Music Service.

Earlier today, Apple Released the second beta version of the system And we’ve already discovered something new – or rather, 217 (!) New emojis that will be added to them.

Did you think the whole thing would stop there? Because they felt it was wrong: Now we’re going to take a spin for more changes to be implemented in future versions of the system – which, due to the current speed of tests, could be launched there in mid-March .


The music app received good news in the most recent beta. When you touch the context menu of each song, you will see more control options: it is possible, for example, to play the track in the queue as the next or last, in addition to opening the lyrics directly to the song or Creating a station with you based directly on it Playlist.

When you slide a certain track to the right or left, you also have new options to add it to your queue, to download it, or to do it. Playlist In question.

“Mobile charging mode”

Journalist Steve Moser MacRumors, An interesting element was discovered by digging into the code of the new beta: mention of such a “mobile charging mode”“Mobile Charge Mode”), Which will be specific to battery accessories that have not yet been released.

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We don’t know what secondary it will be, but we’re definitely talking about something related to it. Magasef – It is possible An external battery on the lines of a concept we’ve already brought here Or, who knows, a new generation of Smart battery case.

The codes found even state that the iPhone connected to the accessory will maintain a charge level of around 90% to maximize battery efficiency.

Green screen correction

last November, We speak here About some cases of iPhones 12 [mini, Pro, Pro Max] A green color appears on the screen when brightness is set to a minimum level or when predominantly dark images / interfaces are displayed. Apparently, the new beta of iOS 14.5 already fixes the problem – at least that’s it Seen a user on reddit.

Microphone Lock on iPadOS

Last year, Apple implemented an interesting privacy feature on the latest iPad Pro: turning the tablet off on some covers (such as) Smart folio), Device’s microphone is physically disconnected and disabled. Now, more iPad models will achieve similar functionality – but through software.

Smart iPad Folio with Apple Keyboard attached on top of new iPad Pro

The resource now also applies to the younger generation ipad I do IPAD air. The system will function in such a way that any audio session (playback or recording) that occurs while the Smart Folio is turned off is interrupted, but developers implement code in their app to prevent this functionality from working. Will be able to – ie. For example, playback of a song continues even after turning off the tablet on the cover.

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software update

In the new beta of iPhone 14.5, both of them were simplified on the software update screen, the iPhone and the Watch application.

Screenshot in shortcut

The shortcut application has added a new action to allow screen capture of your device in some situations, allowing you to set “recipes” to get screenshots in desired situations.

Screen capture action in shortcut

In addition, the shortcut app will give an option to enable / disable screen orientation lock and switch between data modes on 5G, 4G or 3G networks.

For now, this is that – we will undoubtedly be watching for more news. let’s wait!

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