Mysterious underwater ‘city’ in Japan

Mysterious underwater 'city' in Japan
  • Naotomo Umewaka and Yasmin al-Beiho
  • BBC Future

Credit, IEEM / Alamy

Picture Introduction,

Off the coast of Ryuku Island, the pyramid-shaped rock structure has attracted divers and geologists since its discovery in 1987.

In 1987, a diver exploring the coast of Ryuku Island in southern Japan made an astonishing discovery.

25 meters below the surface, he saw a series of carved stairs almost entirely.

“Do you know that goosebumps sensation? My hair stood on end, it was overwhelming,” recalls Kihachiro Aratek, who was looking for a diving spot when he came to the structure near Yonaguni Island, part of the archipelago. is.

Today known as the Yonaguni Monument, this massive structure 50 meters long and 20 meters wide, reminiscent of a rectangular pyramid, is one of the most interesting underwater structures in the world.

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