Mystery: The body of an elderly woman found at home and police believe that she died 12 years ago

Christina Mali, nearly 80 years old, did not show up for vaccination against Kovid-19 and nurses came to visit her at her home; Husband said she went on a trip

Dct mediaThe house where Christina Mali was found

A mysterious case has surprised residents and officials Aberdeen, On Scotland. An elderly woman was found dead inside her home, after failing to appear for Vaccination against Kovid-19. Christina Mali, who was in her 80s, She was at her residence, which she shared with her husband Daniel in Cove County. Neighboring nurses went to see her for vaccination, but her husband said she had traveled abroad. According to the Evening Express newspaper, Malle was found dead at home hours later, but it was not known how the body was found. Authorities are still trying to determine when and how she died, but she believes it may have been a decade earlier.

“On Thursday, February 25, 2021, police were called to an address after being found inside the body of a woman in Aberdeen, Aberdeen. The death is believed to be unclear and investigations are on. A report will be submitted to the tax prosecutor, ”a local police spokesman said. Another very curious point is that the couple’s neighbors were unaware that Daniel was married. One resident said, “I never saw her with the woman living here.” The sun tabloid . “It gives me a shiver when I think she could lie at home at that time.” Why there was no smell or flies? It is very strange ”, he said.

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