NASA releases stunning new image of galaxy’s ‘center’

NASA releases stunning new image of galaxy's 'center'

The United States Space Agency (NASA) released an impressive new image of the violent and highly energetic “center” of our galaxy on Friday (28).

Image over the last two decades. Is a composition of 370 observations made by Telescopio Orbital Chandra X-ray, Showing the “center” of the galaxy, or the billions of stars and countless black holes in the heart. In contrast, a radio telescope in South Africa also contributed to the creation of the image.

Uncover the lines of superheated gas and magnetic fields that make up the energy tapestry of our Milky Way, the Milky Way. A new image from the Chandra X-ray telescope brings to life a vast mosaic of data that interconnects this cosmic masterpiece.

The man responsible for the photograph, astronomer Daniel Wang of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, told the Associated Press news agency today (28) that he spent a year working on the image, while being isolated at home due to the epidemic.

“What we are seeing in the photo is a violent and energetic ecosystem In the center of our galaxy“Wang said, Aforesaid By ap. “There are many Supernova remnants, Black holes and there neutron stars. Each point or sign on the X-ray represents the source of energy, most of them in the center ”, he said.

This confusing and highly energetic galactic center is about 26,000 light years away from Earth.

Wang’s work will be published in the June issue of the Royal Astronomical Society scientific journal.

In this new panorama of the Milky Way, the center of our galaxy, extremely hot gas and magnetic field strands are weaving a tapestry of energy. Approximately 1,000 light years in diameter and 2,000 light years in length, this image teaches us more about our climate in the galactic space than unstable events such as supernova explosions and eruptions of matter from areas close to Sagittarius A *. Is inspired by the supermassive black hole of our galaxy.

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