Netflix, HBO and DAZN announce new original series in Spanish

Netflix, HBO and DAZN announce new original series in Spanish

Today’s Global Bulletin, Netflix, HBO and Dawson announced new sources in Spanish, ordering a natural series from Disney plus Warrior Brothers. Its supporting production accelerator programs and apps for Channel 4 show record growth among younger audiences.


Netflix Spain announced a new original series, “You are not specialFrom local producers “(You are not special) Oriya Films (“Don’t be afraid at all”).

Made series Staphilis BurglettaHe will be the script coordinator of the Filmstar Plus Spanish remake of “Scam” and co-producer and executive producer of Orient Films. Pui Oriya. “TU no erus especial” will be filmed in Navarra’s autonomous community thanks to excessive competitive exemptions and tax credits, which have become the focus of production activity over the past three years.

Set in the fictional town of Salvador, the comedy series follows teenager Amiya, who is forced to provide a young woman from a small village with her comfortable atmosphere in the city of Barcelona. That is, until Amiya discovers that her grandmother has witchcraft powers.

Production is scheduled for 2021 and Oriya is currently getting scouts.


Hbo spain Over the weekend, it announced its sixth country of origin in Spanish, “Everything else“(Everything Else), Writer and Senior Director of Spanish Television Acted Zamora to April (“Life Ahead,” “Elite”).

production Montrina productions, An. MediaSet Spain Company & a Region Mediset Mediterranean Group Spain, The series presents an unfiltered and unresolved scene of the lives of young people in their early thirties trapped in relationships that are very different from what they expected.

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Filming will begin in 2021 and the series is scheduled to drop by the end of the year.

Zamora to April
Sincerely: Begona Rivas


It should not be violated, Disney plus He announced his original European series, this time outside the UK, “Growing animalOf ” Warner Bros. International Television company Wall to wall, As announced Variety Sister libration time limit.

The six-part series tracks the life cycle of popular animals worldwide, with each chapter focusing on an animal and its mother.

Wall to wall follows the success of “Growing Animals” Apple TV PlusYou there“And the long series recommended by BAFTA”Who Do You Think You Are?“. The company is currently” producing “Killer of the universe“For Discovery’s Science Channel.


Global game streamer DAZN Launched a new series, documenting the unique history of a small football club on the Spanish island of Ibiza, run by an ambitious Spanish Frenchman. Amedeo salvo And his brothers David and Lalo.

Ibiza Club: SessionEmphasizing the promotion of Spain’s best football club La Liga, they provide insight into the unusual methods used by the club’s management, from recruiting, to the state of the game day and the style of play. The five-part series includes interviews with the Salvo brothers and the Italian football star Marco Borello Highlight for Milan and Juventus, he spent the final years of his career with the team in addition to being a DJ born at IPS. Anna is tough I Gonzalez petition, Fans and contributors to the club’s party atmosphere.

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“Club Ibiza: Session” will be launched on December 25 in DAZN’s established markets and worldwide in January.

The sale

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of musician Ludwig von Beethoven Movies beta Announces Global Sales of Biographical Film “Lois von Beethoven, “protest Nikki stein.

production Icon media For ARD Degato / WDR / ORF, the series is considered an “upcoming genius” piece. Tobias Moretti (“A Hidden Life”) in the eponymous character.

“Louis van Beethoven” has sold 35 territories so far Sky in Italy, A movie In Spain, RTP In Portugal, Lithuania LRT, MTVA in Hungary, HRT In Croatia, CD. In the Czech Republic and culture In the juice Moreover Furthermore, Movie moment United States, Canada and MVS For many Latin American regions.


Produced by BBC Studios Started the process for your new application Assistant producer accelerator program, Announced by Ralph Lee, the company’s content director, developed earlier this month and according to off-screen diversity and inclusion duties.

Through the program, 14 one-year contracts are awarded to researchers who aspire to become assistant producers. Candidates will receive training and guidance from Facebook, after which jobs will be offered in their categories of choice.

According to a BBC post, the company hopes to send the widest possible web and “encourage applicants from less representative groups, including people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, low-income groups, LGBT + communities, and people from different backgrounds.” “


Inspired by a mix of favorites and new hits, the UK broadcaster Canal 4Streamer All4’s viewership grew by 30%, especially among younger viewers.

Channel 4’s linear viewing share among youth between the ages of 16 and 34 is over 9% in 2019. Peak time (from 8 pm to 11 pm), younger audience participation increased by 15% compared to 2019. Channel 4’s vision among black and ethnic minority viewers increased 3% in 2020.

Topics of success include “The great british back of, “”Head of panch, “”Dead water fell, “”Killing in backpack, “I”Gogglebox. “

Cortesia da Love Productions / Canal 4

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