Netflix movie goes into detail about one of the most famous kidnappings in America


Productions based on real history always have great impact Netflix more movie kidnapping in cleveland One of the most recent examples of this.

Based on one of the most shocking kidnappings in the United States, the film is directed by Alex Kalyanios and was originally released in theaters around the world in 2015.

At less than an hour and a half, the film is among the top 10 most-watched productions on Netflix this week.

Check out more details about the film below and whether it’s really worth watching.

Feather kidnapping in cleveland

in 2002, Michelle Knight, A young mother is kidnapped by a criminal in downtown Cleveland and imprisoned in a dungeon.

After some time, two other women are also kidnapped by the same man, and taken to the same dungeon where Michelle it is.

With no way to escape, they find in each other the support they need to maintain their conscience and hope to one day be free again and see their family again.

Production and Cast

kidnapping in cleveland Memoir’s transformation Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, A Life Reclaimedwritten by Michelle Knight After its release in 2013.

The film portrays the main events of the period in which Michelle and the other kidnapped women were spent in prison by the criminal. Ariel Castro And all those sufferings that have been going on for more than a decade.

Actress taryn manning the one who explains Michelle In the film, and despite some criticism about her performance, the physical resemblance between the actress and the actual victim justifies her choice for the role.

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Katie Sarif Explanation gina de jesus And Samantha Droke gives life to Amanda BerryThe other two victims who were in captivity.

Criminal Ariel Castro is explained by Raymond Cruz,

There are other artists in the cast Pam Grier, Joe Morton, Jane Mauder, Grace Ranson, Christina Koff, Tammy Tsai, David Manzanares, Jim Cantafio, among others.

the real case that inspired kidnapping in cleveland

The kidnapping of three Cleveland women was a case that spent more than a decade under investigation in the United States, without many clues that could help police find the missing victims.

At the time of his abduction, knight was 21 years old, Berry 16 years and Jesus Was only 14 years old. All three were kept in their prisoner’s cellar, from where they were released only in 2013.

Castro The trial was conducted and sentenced to life in prison, while the victims were given a second chance. For all the details on this real case that inspired the hit Netflix film, watch this article here,

movie worth watching kidnapping in cleveland on netflix?

Anyone who likes movies inspired by true stories will definitely be interested in watching kidnapping in clevelandHowever, it’s good to know that, even with the “soft” scenes, this is a film full of triggers and themes that can be too overwhelming for some.

With a cinematography and script created to truly convey the suffering experienced by the victims, the film is constructed in a very real, soulful manner, which only makes the case in which it inspired the more shocking. it was done.

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The performances are reassuring, moving and there are moments when the audience will want to step on the screen to save each of the actresses.

In short, a very good film, but it needs to be psychologically up-to-date to be able to watch it without jerks.

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