Neto asks the end of the union of São Paulo and is a shame for the games at R.J.

Neto asks the end of the union of São Paulo and is a shame for the games at R.J.

Presenter Neto called for the termination of the Sao Paulo Football Federation (FPF) after the confirmation of Campanato Paulista’s matches at the Volta Redonda in Rio de Janeiro.

At the opening of “Os Donos da Bola” today, the former player criticized the realization of the game of football in the country amid the rise of Kovid-19, and spoke of the “shame” of the FPF.

“The Paulista Federation must come to an end. (…) What a shame? Don’t you have to say to the Paulista Federation that you were going to court for the right to play? What did you do? They called the Mayor of Belo Horizonte.” Key, back round… “Netto fired.

The presenter also criticized Felipe Mello, the Pulmiras midfielder, for questioning the ban on sports in São Paulo. In his social network, the player declined state sports in Rio de Janeiro, and asked: “If we train in São Paulo every day, why can’t we play in São Paulo?”

“We need to think directly about what’s happening in São Paulo. Felipe Melo, there can’t be a game here, you know why? Because a thousand people died yesterday. The game can’t happen. It’s not possible. That you want to be interested in the Paulista Championship ”, he continued.

“Do the following: Take money from the big, rich teams and distribute it to the smaller teams: ‘This money is for you for another year, then we see what you do’ but you don’t have one. Plan B . It’s just a plan. You have the game, in Volta Redonda, in Arabia, in the United States. They’ve been playing and playing in the UK for a while. It’s just money that matters. It’s a hypocrisy. Is what everyone talks about on TV. Nobody talks about other divisions that need to eat. Everyone wants the game “, concluded Neto.

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Tonight at 9 pm, the Corinthians face Mirsol in Volenta Redonda (RJ) for Paulintho. Tomorrow, Palmyras will face Sao Bento, at the same venue at 9:30 pm.

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