Netscope expands NewAge network with new data centers in Latin America

Netscope expands NewAge network with new data centers in Latin America

NetScope announced the expansion of its NetScope NewEdge network across Latin America with the activation of new data centers in Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The new features make Netscope the leading SASE architecture firm in the entire region, with more coverage than any other vendor.

The NewEdge network is a critical component of the Netskope Security Cloud, which enables the company to process inline traffic in real time, and support web access, cloud, SaaS, while complying with local security and data protection regulations, while increasing user traffic as quickly as possible. Allows to accelerate. Or personal applications required by the daily routine of the users. This performance is critical so that companies do not have to choose between security and productivity when protecting data, avoiding web and cloud-based threats, and applying Zero Trust principles to technology architecture.

NetScope’s growth in Latin America reflects the rapid expansion, as in other regions, to meet the needs of offices, branch offices, and remote workers at some of the world’s largest companies and government institutions. In Latin America, Netscope’s Newsage network already has coverage through data centers in Bogota, Santiago, Buenos Aires and So Paulo. NewEdge was recently announced to expand the APAC region to include Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore, and the first data center in Switzerland, along with supplemental coverage in the EMEA region for the UK, France and the UAE. was also included.

NewEdge Networks provides direct peering with the most commonly used Web, Cloud, and SaaS providers to maintain NetScope’s highly connected networking features. All NewEdge data centers are directly linked with Microsoft and Google to provide the best application performance and superior user experience. On par with leaders such as Netflix and Apple, NewAge has hundreds of adjacent networks, and this focus on direct peering and complete interconnection makes it one of the best connected networks in the world based on public rankings.

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Claudio Creo, Head of Cyber ​​Security from TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), said, “Securing traffic and data are top concerns for telecommunications companies. Even the best technology can provide access to web and cloud applications to its users. slow or impossible.” One of the largest operators in Brazil with over 53 million users. “We experience daily how NewEdge accelerates user access and optimizes application performance, and we are excited about the continued global expansion of Netscope’s cloud security network.”

Pedro Adamovic, CISO at Banco Galicia, said: “We have worked with Netscope for many years and have seen real improvement when we implement a local presence in Buenos Aires. Netscope’s continued investment and clear commitment to Latin America shows that we have chosen the right partner for our cyber security strategy”.

“We have seen tremendous growth in Latin America, with companies taking a SASE approach to security and networks and increasingly supporting businesses outside the traditional corporate periphery. Network performance or user experience, and that is just a strong infrastructure.” In the field, which is part of a dedicated and distributed service at the edge. Our rapidly growing newsage network has large volumes locally without the need to use quirky backhaul routes or rely on public broadcasting There is the ability to observe data, which is unpredictable, explains Alain Cariotti, Netscope regional director for Latin America and Iberia.

With over 1,500 customers, Netscope serves some of the world’s largest and most technically demanding companies. Among the highlights of 2021, the company recently raised $300 million in new investments from Base Partners, a technology-focused investment firm based in So Paulo, reaching a valuation of $7.5 billion.

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