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hey chrome Computers and mobile devices are known for being one of the biggest baddies in memory consumption and processing. But that fame seems outdated. The browser is testing a feature that could help save battery on notebooks and cell phones. Called “Quick Intensive Throttling,” the function promises to reduce CPU usage by up to 10% and, with it, reduce battery consumption. The news was announced by the website last Sunday (10) bleeding computer And can already be tested by users.

This feature is an evolution of the “Intensive Wake Up Throttling” function, released chrome version 87, in 2020. This limited JavaScript code from running in browser tabs that are not in use or hidden for more than five minutes, allowing for better distribution of memory usage. Following the move, developers realized that the devices’ CPU usage was reduced by up to five times over estimates on Chromebooks. Meanwhile, the battery time has increased to 1.25 hours.

The new Google Chrome function could help save your computer and cell phone battery — Photo: Getty Images

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It is worth remembering that this does not mean that the device will cost 10% less on its total charge. This feature only affects browser spend chrome – But many other issues in the system and in the use of the device affect the battery of the electronic. Still, the energy savings promise to be noticeable.

How to Test the New Feature in Chrome

The function can be tested by users already in the version of chrome for developers. For this it is necessary to install the latest version of the browser through Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev ( When opening the browser, type in the address bar: “chrome://flags/#quick-intensive-throttling-after-loading” (without the quotes). Then mark the feature as “active” and restart Chrome.

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