New crack in volcano threatens villages on Spanish island of La Palma

New crack in volcano threatens villages on Spanish island of La Palma

hey Volcano In the Canary Islands, which have been erupting for more than ten days, it could cause further destruction: lava has opened a new crack in Monte Cumbre Vieja and threatens other villages.

Images captured by the drone show a river of red-hot lava flowing about 400 meters down the hill from where the primary eruption occurred.

many cracks have opened since the volcanic activity, on 19 September. The Volcanoes Institute of the Canary Islands described this latest opening as a new eruption focus.

La Palma officials said more homes were engulfed by lava overnight, leaving more people homeless and the new flow is expected to join the first in the next few hours.

The surface of the island is expanding as lava from the volcano freezes as it comes into contact with seawater. A rocky ridge over 500 meters wide has already been formed in the shape of a semicircle on the west bank of La Palma.

The thermal shock of lava in contact with the ocean also generates a large cloud of smoke over the island. Ash covers the streets and houses. People are moving around in masks and umbrellas because chemical reactions that build up in the environment can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory system.

Officials monitor air quality, and have asked residents to close doors and windows.

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