New Google Maps Features Have Quietly Launched! Know Which Day Of The Month You’re Busiest And Drive The Longest In One Click – Free News 3C Technology

New Google Maps Features Have Quietly Launched! Know Which Day Of The Month You're Busiest And Drive The Longest In One Click - Free News 3C Technology

The mobile version of the “Google Maps” app has a new “In-Depth Analysis” function, which automatically helps you summarize and organize your monthly location record information and selected reviews. (Photo/Midland)

Google Maps has built-in practical and convenient navigation and key functions. Through the “Timeline” record trip function, in addition to providing the latest traffic congestion levels, public MRT shuttle times and other information in real time, you can always review where you’ve been before. Historic footprint, including: what modes of transportation have been used and how long, what shopping, restaurants or places of interest have been visited, and even which countries and cities have traveled abroad has been visited.

Now, Google is sifting through the data and information that users use to locate Google Maps, and after an “in-depth analysis” by the AI, it will show you the number of footprints you’ve visited, total hours, total distance. etc., so you know each month how much time spent walking, driving, and accumulated total distance kilometers can be viewed at a glance with a simple statistical chart, and even that automatically helps youfeaturedLooking back, let me tell you which days are the busiest on your trip and have the longest run times.

According to the reporter’s actual test, for example, after updating “Google Maps” to the latest version 10.5.1, using Google Pixel 4 mobile phone, a new “in-depth analysis” in the built-in timeline record “Function. Helps you quickly select and review historical footprints every month.

according to foreign mediaAndroid PoliceIt’s been reported that Google Maps’ built-in “Your Timeline” function recently quietly added a function called “Deep Analysis”. After clicking on the function button with one click, you will see the accumulated data based on your itinerary. The data helps you analyze total hours and total kilometers used by which vehicles in the current month (you can click on the date to switch between different months), including: walking, driving , riding a motorcycle, taking a plane, etc.

Also, in terms of visit records, it will help you to list the store location information you have visited during the month. In addition to the name and address, it will also tell you how many times you’ve been there and how long you’ve stayed, including: restaurants, supermarkets, beaches and other attractions.

Also, at the bottom, it will display the focus of “Selected Reviews”, which will automatically list the busiest itineraries on a certain day of the month, including: total which places were visited and travel times , and it will also help you figure out the longest driving hours in the month. Date, and draw your round-trip trajectory on the map, so you know clearly how far you ran that day.

This “in-depth analysis” map record information function has started releasing updates to users in batches. The reporter actually tested that after updating the “Google Maps” app to the latest version 10.75.1, using a Google Pixel 4 mobile phone as an example, you can experience this new footprint memory function.

The operation path is: Open the Google Maps app, click on the individual photo, and click “Your Timeline” on the displayed menu interface to view the newly added “In-Depth Analysis” tab. If this option doesn’t appear for a while, you can also wait for a while.

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