New iPad Pro with M1 chip: from shiny XDR screen to better camera and speaker

New iPad Pro with M1 chip: from shiny XDR screen to better camera and speaker

For creativity, leisure, work, sports and science

The new upgraded iPad Pro with M1 chip and up to 10 hours of battery life has become a highly versatile device that can meet the needs of people from different walks of life – manufacturer, game fan, artist, student or business.

The iPad is a great option when you need a lot of mobility, such as working in creative industries, traveling a lot, going on business trips or going to lectures. Using your tablet at home is also particularly convenient – watch the latest Youtube shows, listen to webcasts, enjoy movies, play high-graphics games, draw or surf the web.

The addition of additional accessories, such as the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, expands the capabilities of the iPad Pro. It can replace computers and become an attractive tool for work and science. Video call facility is also particularly important during quarantine. With FaceTime and other video streaming platforms, you can have virtual meetings with colleagues, have fun with friends, or make calls to talk to loved ones.

Ipad pro

Powerful chip and battery that lasts almost the entire day

Compared to previous Apple tablet models, this iPad Pro has been radically redesigned. The 8-core CPU provides up to 50 percent. Faster performance, and the graphics processor provides 40 percent. Better graphics processing. It allows you to create augmented reality models, play console graphics-level games, or quickly process photos and videos.

The integrated M1 memory architecture, 16-core neural motor, advanced video signal processor and other critical technologies help maintain high performance levels and perform tasks much faster. Thanks to the highly efficient use of energy, a fully charged tablet lasts for 10 hours. This operating time is expected when browsing the Internet and watching movies or other visual content.

While the tablet is loaded with many new advanced technologies, the new iPad Pro is still very slim and lightweight. The 11-inch unit weighs just 466 grams and the 12.9-inch unit weighs 682 grams. Therefore, it is convenient to carry them with you, keep them in a handbag or backpack and take them on a trip. These models are available in two solid colors – Silver or Cosmic Gray.

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Ipad pro

Ipad pro

The biggest news is the shiny liquid retina XDR screen

The most important feature of the new generation, the first iPad Pro tablet with an M1 chip, is undoubtedly the brightest XDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) screen ever, ideal for viewing and editing high dynamic range (HDR) photos and videos. Only the larger, 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet model has this screen.

The 1000-night brightness screen truly reproduces colors and contrast, making it extremely well balanced for viewing dynamic images, ranging from stunning photos, effects and augmented reality solutions to games and favorite series Up to sophisticated graphics. The maximum possible screen brightness is as high as 1600 nits.

With an impressive screen illuminated by 10,000 mini-LEDs, the new iPad Pro is a great choice for video operators, interior designers, photographers, real estate experts, filmmakers and other professionals, professionals and amateurs alike for image quality and exceptional screen brightness is. To fit the ultra-slim design, only 6.4 mm thick, specially designed mini-diodes have been used, which are 120 times smaller than normal.

Ipad pro

Ipad pro

Meanwhile, the 11-inch tablet model features a 600-night liquid retina display, which is comfortable and mobile in shape, pleasing to the eye and hardly reflected. The image is reproduced very vividly and realistically. Both screens also feature special features from the P3’s wide color gamut, true-tone screen adaptation to the environment, and Promotion’s automatic 120 Hz screen refresh rate.

Both screens feature impressive video playback, making it easy to select tablets based on size and screen diagonal. For people who work a lot with video content or use a tablet with a keyboard, a 12.9-inch device is recommended, and for those looking for a tablet for home, travel, or mobile work, It is advisable to choose an 11-inch tablet.

Suitable for mobile work, travel, entertainment and video calling

The new tablets are perfect for mobile and remote work, travel, learning, creativity and home entertainment. The 12MP wide-angle and 10MP ultra-wide cameras help you capture photos, videos, personalities, and ensure high image quality in FaceTime and other video calls. The tablet will be useful for virtual presentations and fun calls with friends and family.

The improved front camera with the new center stage feature will automatically put you in the main frame, so you’ll be fully visible even if you move a bit. The True Depth camera with Face ID is important for secure identification, which will ensure that all information stored on your tablet is visible and accessible only to you. And a special LiDAR scanner for immersive augmented reality experiences.

Sound quality is also given great attention here. Four speakers and five studio-level microphones focus only on your voice and the voice of the interlocutors, effectively preventing outside noise. This allows you to participate in video conferencing without any interference.

Ipad pro

Ipad pro

For the first time, the iPad Pro comes with 5G, indicating that the tablet is ready for the future and can connect to the fastest wireless network in countries where 5G already exists. The next generation Wi-Fi 6 connection ensures high connection quality and allows you to have the fastest available Internet access for everyday work.

With the SIM card and mobile data, the iPad Pro gives you even more mobility and freedom. By choosing the right mobile carrier offer for yourself, you will be able to use the tablet independently, even if you do not have access to a Wi-Fi connection.

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Even more connectors and possible accessories

Another important innovation is the fast and versatile Thunderbolt / USB 4 connection, which allows you to easily and easily connect a variety of accessories to your tablet. For example, an additional screen, external drive, media and other accessories. Such a solution would be particularly convenient for consumers. For example, you can quickly transfer photos or other files from your tablet to an external drive or vice versa.

To reach the full potential of the new iPad Pro tablet with the M1 chip, it is worth trying out its complementary accessories – the Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Mouse.

Pencil is useful for taking notes, drawing and marking documents. Thanks to the magnet, it easily attaches to the edge of the tablet. The Magic Keyboard stands out for its extremely fast typing response and has a special integrated trackpad for easy control. By connecting this keyboard to your tablet, you can use it even faster and more easily. No wires are needed here – the keyboard attaches to the tablet with a magnet. This keyboard is now available in two colors – white or black.

Ipad pro

Ipad pro

For photographer, student or specialist: a wide range of applications

Unlock the full potential of the iPad Pro with the updated, ultra-intuitive iPadOS operating system with improved search, smart note-taking, and a new layout and design. And the App Store has over one million apps designed specifically for the iPad.

While the new iPad Pro with M1 chip is the fastest and most advanced Apple ever Tablet pc, Meeting the highest standards and needs of professionals, it is also ideal for everyday work, learning, large graphics games and working with photo and video content.

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