They close a house where 200 subjects were being celebrated, most of them Venezuelans. News

They close a house where 200 subjects were being celebrated, most of them Venezuelans.  News

A large number of motorcycles alerted authorities yesterday morning outside a building on the streets of Garcia Goena and Guerrero Valenzuela.

A three-story building, where people entered and left, was intercepted by the intention of the Gaius police, Ana Christina Layton, who discovered about 200 people who were celebrating a party that lacked respect for biosecurity measures it was done.

According to the provincial authority, no one wore a mask, a distance of two meters was not completed and alcoholic beverages were consumed.

Most of the attendees were of Venezuelan nationality.

“In a circumference of one hundred meters around the point, in parallel streets, a person wearing black clothes with radio was found at each corner; It was immediately coordinated with the national police, ”said Mayor Layton.

She revealed that the place was intervened in collaboration with the police and that there was apparently an event room on the second floor of the three-story building.

Mayor Layton said that at least 90% of the guests were from Venezuela, who were in a crowded state.

Agents of the National Police proceeded with the control of the documents, but most of the registered individuals could not justify their identities, as they did not carry the documents, as well as their immigration status.

The Gaius Police Department confirmed violations commitments, such as the sale and commercialization of alcoholic beverages outside established hours and at unauthorized locations, that biosecurity measures were not respected, including ventilation or lighting.

In addition, audio equipment, smoking rooms, mixers, speakers, amplifiers were removed. The complex was closed and the area evacuated.

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Mayor Layton toured the city with various commissioners and elements of the police force and visited various establishments. They found more than one that operated in the north, center and southwest of the city, complying with the provisions of the COE and operating unconditionally, for which they were closed.

“We will continue this work with the authorities to protect citizenship,” the official said.

Control will be intensified during the holiday ending on Tuesday.

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