New Jersey, USA, World to give free beer to vaccine recipients against Kovid-19

'Vaccine tourism' increases between Mexico and the United States.  world

Governor of Nova jersey ()America), Phil Murphy, announced on Monday (3) that whoever took the first dose Vaccination Against Coronavirus In may You will be entitled to a free beer In any one of the 13 registered in this partnership with the state government.

Vaccination against Kovid-19 Open to more than 16 people nationwide. However, by local law on alcoholic beverages, Free beer will only be distributed to more than 21 people. Anyone interested should present proof of the first dose to the bar.

According to the NBC television network, It is expected that the states of New Jersey will further relax restrictions against coronoviruses in the coming weeks.Reopening the restaurant and allowing outdoor events.

About 3.2 million residents of the state are fully vaccinated against coronovirus – this amount is approx. 37% of the local population. Despite the rapid pace, vaccination in the United States has not yet reached the numbers that would allow the virus to be prevented or completely reduced.

The moving average of Kovid-19 cases in New Jersey is downstream: According to “The New York Times”, the state registered approximately 1,500 new diagnoses of coronavirus per day on Sunday (2). This is still a relevant figure, but far less than the approximately 4,500 new cases reported per day recorded a month earlier. Coronovirus has killed 25,600 people in New Jersey due to the epidemic.

New Guidelines for Vaccine People

US makes use of masks easier by vaccinators

The United States Health Regulatory Agency decided last week that There may be open activities for fully immunized people in the country, Walking and hiking, without wearing masks. However, for indoor activities, masks are mandatory. Learn more in the video above.

The CDC said, “The new guidelines are a first step toward helping fully vaccinated Americans resume activities that were shut down due to an epidemic, while posing a potential risk of transmitting the virus to others Knew about it. ”

Wearing masks is considered by experts to be the most efficient way to control transmission. There was talk of wearing masks for weeks. In the decision, it was kept in mind that most of the Kovid-19 transmissions take place indoors and vaccination is high.

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