New landline phone bill payment dates and inquiry link

New landline phone bill payment dates and inquiry link

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Telecom Egypt We have set fixed dates for collecting landline phone bills, which many people are trying to find out. Landline phone bill payment dates 2021, a link is also searched Ask about landline phone bill Across site Telecom Egypt.

The July 2021 invoice has not yet been released on the company’s website We And the date of filling the landline bill is now 2021 For the months of January to March, it is available to customers who have switched to the reception system, and specify Landline Bill Payment Date April and July are as follows:

The date to pay the landline bill from Telecom Egypt is April 2021

  • Issuance Landline phone bill On April 15, 2021, from the Egyptian Telecom Company.
  • We provided a grace month to pay the bill ending on May 14, 2021.
  • Telecom Egypt has transferred the unpaid receivers to the system with effect from May 15, 2021 only.
  • For those who have not yet paid, the deadline for receiving calls will expire on 14 June.
  • June 15, 2021 is the date for us to temporarily remove the lines of unpaid customers from service and impose a delayed fine.

WE Dates for payment of landline bill from July to 2021

  • We have scheduled July 15, 2021 to issue landline phone bills.
  • The grace period ends on August 14, 2021.
  • Telecom Egypt will relocate the home telephone line from August 15 to work with the reception system.
  • The call receiving period will end on September 14, 2021.
  • Telecom Egypt has set September 15 to temporarily lift the line from the service, with late fines imposed on unpaid customers.
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Are you Ask about landline phone bill In the event that you did not pay the challan for the month of April 2021, but in the event that you did Bill A message will appear saying “No bill is outstanding.”

You can start next July 15 Inquire about landline phone bill by phone number By entering the phone number and governor code, pressing hereOr, you can find the landline phone bill by dialing “140” from any landline phone number and calling the telephone directory.

There are 12 different ways you can pay landline bills to avoid congestion and these are the places:

Telecom Egypt We do this through exchanges, post offices, or Vodafone cash service, or service of mine services, or ATMs of National Bank of Egypt and CIB, or SADAD service, or Fawry service, security service, Masary service, or service , Or bee service, or even electronic payment via the WE website.


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