New York City will have to pay $100 for the Kovid-19 vaccine. World

New York City will have to pay $100 for the Kovid-19 vaccine.  World

mayor of new york, bill de blasio, announced this Wednesday (28) that the city would pay US$100 (about R$500) for those who are being vaccinated against it. COVID-19 in the municipality.

The measure will be effective from Friday (30), when any person who visits the vaccination center to get a dose will receive a prepaid debit card with the amount.

“The incentives go a long way in increasing vaccination rates,” de Blasio said in a statement.

Benefits Offerings Try to Reach Nearly 2 Million New Yorkers Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated Yet COVID-19, and has been heightened by concern for the delta version.

More communicable, this strain of virus has already become dominant United States of america, and what the country is calling a “non-vaccinated epidemic” with a rise in cases and deaths within this group.

According to official statistics, about 70% of the region’s residents have already received the first dose of the vaccine, but only about 60% are protected from the two required doses.

The city was already offering benefits to those who had been vaccinated, such as unlimited subway tickets, tickets to baseball games, food and even beer.

VIDEO: US restaurants offer free donuts for those vaccinated

The US city’s city also announced that it would require that government employees who have not yet been vaccinated be tested weekly to diagnose COVID-19.

In the case of healthcare professionals, tolerance will be lower: those who work directly with patients in hospitals and clinics will have to be vaccinated or have to give up their jobs.

Cuomo urged companies across the state, such as restaurants, to take the side of vaccinated customers and work to ensure a safe environment for all.

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