New York slowly resumes its normal life

New York slowly resumes its normal life

From May 19, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the governors of the three states (3) stated that most of the coronavirus capacity restrictions would be lifted at companies including retail outlets, food services and gyms.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who announced a coordinated plan with governors of other states in the northeastern United States, said the decision was based on COVID-19 tests and a steady decline in the positive rate for hospitals.

He said the percentage of New Yorkers who tested positive for coronovirus fell to 50% in the previous month, and the hospital had declined by about 40% during the same period.

“New Yorkers have made tremendous progress,” Cuomo said. “It is time to read the decision made about science and data.”

Amusement parks, beauty salons and offices are among other types of businesses that will soon be subject to state-imposed capacity restrictions, although all companies can still define their own restrictions.

Cuomo also announced that the New York subway system, which is closed for disinfection stations and cars from 2 a.m. to 4 p.m., will resume its 24-hour service from May 17.

Connecticut Governor Ned LaMont said in a joint statement, “We were able to announce the removal of trade restrictions due to a major national vaccine delivery program that benefits all Connecticut residents and our neighbors in New York and New Jersey . ” Governor Phil Murphy.

Murphy also said that the launch of the vaccine was instrumental in his state’s ability to ease restrictions, adding that the easing would “continue until we see a setback in our matrix.”

The reopening on May 19 in New York cancels a plan that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio outlined a few days earlier on July 1 to fully reopen his city.

De Blasio said on Thursday that his city could soon return to normal thanks to the progress of the launch of the vaccine, noting that more than 6 million doses of the vaccine have been administered to the city of more than 8 million residents.

The move comes a year after New York shut down companies across the state and limited capacity to fight one of the worst outbreaks of COVID-19 in the country. He follows updated guidelines issued by the CDC last week, according to which people are not required to wear masks on the outside, where social distance is possible.

According to flexible state guidelines, on Monday, New York residents were allowed to sit in covered bars for the first time in months.

New Jersey’s ban on indoor seating next to the bar will be lifted on Friday. Murphy said bar owners would be responsible for using the division or maintaining a six-foot social distance.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also announced on Monday that he was signing an executive order that rescinded all local COVID-19 emergency orders, suspending them saying widespread vaccination made it safer to do so .

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Across the country, according to the CDC, more than 147 million people received at least one dose of the vaccine as of Monday. Read more

Asked whether the United States could gain collective immunity, President Joe Biden said: “I think by the end of the summer we will be in a very different position than we are right now … I appeal to all – now Get vaccinated. “

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