New York state has the most COVID-19 cases in a day


New York state on Friday recorded its highest single-day Covid-19 case count with 21,027 positive cases, according to available state data.

According to the data, before this new record, the state had registered 19,942 positive Covid-19 cases till January 14.

However, hospitalizations related to Covid-19 are comparatively less.

Till Friday, the state reported 3,839 Covid-19-related hospitalizations, while 8,088 Covid-19-related hospitalizations were reported on January 14, according to the Covid-19 hospitalization data. At its peak in mid-April 2020, the hospitalization rate for COVID-19 in New York reached nearly 19,000.

Covid-19 data from New York also showed that the state’s Covid-19 positive cases increased by 154% in less than a week.

Till Friday, the state recorded 21,027 Covid-19 positive cases, one-and-a-half times the number of Covid-19 positive cases recorded on Tuesday – that was 8,266 Covid-19 positive cases.

New York Gov. Hochul said in a press release on Thursday, “We must not disdain the wave of colds we are facing and we must continue to encourage everyone we know to get vaccinated, boosters. Take it and wear a mask.”

The data disclosed as New York City reported that its PCR test positive rate has doubled in a period of four days.

Basic care helps prevent COVID-19 and the flu; View in image gallery:

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