News from France and the region

News from France and the region
Heloise Tavira/GCN
Despite the drop in attendance, empty chairs in the hall of “अलlvaro Azuz” do not mean the epidemic is under control

For the first time in nearly two months, the “अलlvaro Azuz” emergency room is practically empty. On Thursday morning 17, the number of people seeking care was much lower than in previous weeks and the number of patients admitted to hospital while waiting for space in the hospital also decreased. Today 31 people are waiting for beds, 19 for wards and 12 for ICU (Intensive Care Unit). The last time the emergency room recorded low demand, 27 patients were regulated for transfer on May 4. Since then, this number has grown wildly and has recorded several peaks, such as on May 19, when 61 people were waiting for beds. For just one ICU vacancy in the hospital environment on 28th, 47 patients were regulated. Despite the drop in attendance, empty seats in the “अलlvaro Azuz” saloon do not indicate the control of the epidemic. For now, the emergency room is starting to feel the effects of the lockdown, but soon it will also be aware of the higher number of confirmed cases per day. With a moving average of over 200 positive diagnoses a day and a high transmission rate, the COVID center in Franca must still be living through tense days.

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