NFL Week 14 Live Updates: Hot Start of Philip Rivers Continues; Jalen Harts received an early TD against the Saints

NFL Week 14 Live Updates: Hot Start of Philip Rivers Continues;  Jalen Harts received an early TD against the Saints

When it comes to NFL TV ratings, there is a continuum: no matter what their record, the Ka Bo Bues are a solid draw.

This has been true this year as well, but last week the league announced the December 20 match of the Cubans against the 49ers in favor of a game against the Cleveland Bruins outside of prime time “Sunday Night Soccer”, the New York Giants. The decision was one that was usually to Jerry Jones, but not this season, in which the Cowboys took a 3-9 record in Sunday’s game against the Bengals.

“I love the match between those two teams, but it wasn’t a surprise,” said Jerry Jones Said on Dallas’ 105.3 Fan Friday. “We have the ability to put or add great games in prime time [a] Slots that we may want to juice a little. This is the future of managing our programs in the NFL. I like it all ”

Nothing worked because Jones would have planned or wished for this season, especially Gutting with Duck Prescott’s injury.

“I am the one who should and should receive warmth in various forms,” ​​Jones said. “But the most important thing is that you don’t get a chance to touch that Lombardy trophy when you don’t do it right. Do you all know how much I would write a check if I knew I could get that Lombardy trophy?

“And so, my whole point is that it’s a big, big thing. This is the most important thing, not money. There is only one thing that has happened, and that is victory. ”

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Jones promised change, but only to a point.

“When you work for yourself, he should not fire. You have to change him, and he has to change the direction he is going. I’ve worked for myself all my life, but I’ve had to change direction many times, ”Jones said. “So, I will change. I can change I’m not saying which way (I will change). But I am able to change. I had to have some success in my life. ”

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