Nick Folk is back. And so is the patriotic kicker competition

Nick Folk is back.  And so is the patriotic kicker competition

The New England England PatriotsThe practice squad is growing. After Six players had already signed Earlier on Sunday – Kicker included two draft picks from earlier this year Justin Rohrwasser And linebacker Cash Malua – The team allegedly included three more in the equation:

To Jake Burt

By Nick Folk

D.T. Nick Thurman

Following the release of the original Patriot’s active roster before Saturday’s cutdown deadline, nine positions of the 16 available practice squads, with three individuals, have now been filled – one reserved for seniors. That place is kicker Nick Folk.

Folk’s return means not only that the veteran will actually be in England after signing new contracts in August to compete for a kicker job, but also that the competition is back: Battle series for Gig; Both were released yesterday; Both were re-signed by the practice team. Of course, New England did not have one player on their 53-man squad at the moment, so it would not be a surprise if one of the two was promoted again soon.

The move is expected to follow England’s roster of gymnastics on the injured reserve list: Players can only be recalled from the IR if they are in the active team by the 4pm deadline on Sunday. Patriots could wait for a deadline to leave, for example, to deal with the defense. Handsome Allen In the reserve list, to promote Folk or Rohrvasar back to the active team. In the meantime, keeping them on the practice team allows them both to practice today.

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Of course, the team can be more creative and use the new roster expansion to specifically promote one of the two on game day: teams have two players from their practice team on the game day roster each week. Seating is allowed. Cut a member of the 53-member team. If they do not sign the active team, they will automatically return, although the process can only be applied twice and not back in a week.

The other players retained by the practice team are unselfish veterans. Jack Burt, a growing patriotic fan who found his way to the team after being dropped out of Boston College, offers depth in the final position; Nick Thurman had already spent the last year on the England England practice team and provided the team with an extra limb in a defensive position which raises some of the above questions.

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