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On a day with weak waves at sea, in which the round of 16 men was postponed, the Margaret River stage women’s competition in Australia, the fourth of the world surfing circuit season, was contested on Tuesday in the same stage. Tatiana Weston-Webb of Brazil achieved her classification in the quarter-finals.

In third place in the world rankings, Tati defeated American Saint Erickson from 13.27 to 9.00 with some calmness. He made one of the best waves of the day. In his second series, Gaucha showed Kaushal giving strong strokes and managed an 8.50, finishing very well at the junction.

The sage had no match for Brazil, including 91 points (5.10 + 3.90). Tati scored 4.77 in her final wave, 13.27 overall. Brazil will face Australia’s Tyler Wright in the second heat of the quarter-finals. They have already faced each other five times and lost to all local surfers, but Teti favors their great vengeance in the waves of the Margaret River.

In the first heat of the day, American Caroline Marks, ranking sub-leader, was eliminated from 15.43 to 14 by local Brontë Macaulay, leaving a free way for Tati to beat her if Brazil were to make it to the quarterfinals. Wins.

Ranking leader, Hawaii Clarissa Moore also qualified with a score of 16.93 (8.93 + 8.00) after winning Australian Maisie Callaghan in a high level of controversy at 16.17 (8.67 + 7.50).

The top 5 of the men and women rankings will ensure classification for the WSL Finals, which will be decided in September, in Tristals, California (United States), in an unprecedented competition with the 2021 season’s World Champion, Format Assassin.

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