North Korea fired unidentified shells, says South Korean military. World

North Korea fired unidentified shells, says South Korean military.  World

a North Korea South Korea’s military said on Wednesday (5 in Brasilia, Tuesday night) that an unidentified projectile was fired at sea in what would be the first military test. phiongyang in 2022.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the shell fell into the sea east of this Asian peninsula. South Korea In a statement, without giving further details about the release.

Between September and October 2021, the communist country announced that it had successfully tested long-range cruise missiles, submarines and train-launched ballistic missiles, in addition to hypersonic missile testing.

Since then, the military activity of phiongyang It halted while the communist regime remained silent on US requests for talks.

At a crucial party meeting last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made no mention of the United States and called for further development of its military capabilities in line with the strategy implemented during his ten-year term, which saw him as an important earned internationally. Sanctions

The country has abandoned talks on its nuclear program since talks between Kim and then US President Donald Trump failed in 2019.

Trump’s successor, Democrat Joe Biden, has repeatedly confirmed the new government’s desire to meet with North Korean representatives.

But till now, phiongyang He downplayed the offer and accused Washington of maintaining his “hostile” policy.

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