North Korea launches intercontinental missile, preparing for large-scale nuclear test

North Korea launches intercontinental missile, preparing for large-scale nuclear test

Satellite images show Pyongyang has resumed construction of a reactor; US and South Korea reacted and fired surface-to-surface missiles

KCNA via ReutersThe official North Korean news agency KCNA. Ballistic missile fired by North Korea during a test, in an image released by

army of South Korea Said that three missiles from North Korea On Wednesday, 25 were fired, including its largest ever intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-17. North Korea appears to have conducted several experiments with a detonation device in preparation for its seventh nuclear test, but the next one is unlikely, according to South Korea’s Deputy National Security Adviser Kim Tae-hyo. For days and weeks, US and South Korean officials have been warning of this possibility. “The likelihood of an impending nuclear test in a day or two is slim, but there is certainly a chance after that,” Kim said.

The launch, the latest in a series of weapons tests conducted by Pyongyang this year, comes at a time when US President Joe Biden, ends the trip to South Korea and Japan. South Korea’s deputy national security adviser also said the tests in question were being conducted far away from North Korea’s main nuclear test site, which is closely guarded by Seoul. “North Korean officials are nearing the final stages of preparing for a nuclear test of the scale and quality they want,” the South Korean official told reporters.

You We And South Korea reacted to alleged ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) provocations and surface-to-surface missiles, the Seoul military said, adding that it also conducted live-fire exercises, including surface-to-surface missile tests Had gone. Military officials from both countries said the US Army’s Strategic Missile System (ATAACMS) and the South Korean Hyunmu-2 SRBM are involved. They also made other military displays of force, such as dozens of fighter jets in “Elephant Walk” formations, highlighting new South Korean President Yoon Suk-yol’s strict policy on North Korea’s rapid weapons testing.

Joe Biden and Eun Suk-Yolo

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yol (center L) and US President Joe Biden arrive for a state dinner at the National Museum of Korea on May 21, 2022 in Seoul.

During a meeting with President Joe Biden, South Korea’s new President Yoon Suk-yol promised at a summit over the weekend that the US would conduct joint military exercises and deploy more “strategic assets” – usually bombers, submarines or nuclear -capable aircraft carrier. – To detain North Korea if necessary for the region. “Our military’s display of force was to underscore our determination to resolutely respond to any North Korean provocation, including ICBM launches, and our tremendous ability and readiness to carry out surgical strikes at the source of the provocation,” the chief said. ” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

Despite facing the recent outbreak COVID-19Pyongyang has resumed construction of a nuclear reactor that was stalled, according to new satellite images. The South Korean presidential office did not provide further details about the nuclear detonation device that would have been tested. Of the three firings made on Wednesday, Kim Tae-hyo reported that “the first launch was scheduled to be from the new ICBM, Hwaseong-17”, which the North had already tried to test. North Korean leader Kim Jong UnThe U.S. recently insisted on defending its military modernization program after conducting nearly 20 weapons tests this year. Analysts have warned that North Korea’s head of state may accelerate his plans for a nuclear test to distract his country’s population from the current coronavirus outbreak.

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*With information from AFP and EFE

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