North Korea: Recently missile launch by Railway Regiment (Photo)

North Korea: Recently missile launch by Railway Regiment (Photo)

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The country’s media reported that the missile launch on Friday by the South Korean military was given by the North Korean Railway Missile Regiment.

From get up Officials from the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) ordered the regiment to be located in northern Pyongan province bordering China. launch missiles without prior notice to Test its operation in alert condition, served as practical training.

As part of the training, two tactical guided missiles were fired towards the Sea of ​​Japan (also known as the East Sea).

“Battle position of the regiment rail missiles North Pyongan Province, which Demonstrated high mobility and success rates When hitting targets in exercise, it was highly valued in inspection”, KCNA reported, “deciding to create a suitable operational system of rail missiles across the country and find ways to further complement our methods of fighting through rail Was “.-borne missile”.
system of North Korean rail-displaced missiles, which carries ballistic missiles on launchers installed and concealed in wagons, was unveiled in September last year.

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