North Koreans worry about Kim Jong-un’s weight loss, state media say. world

North Koreans worry about Kim Jong-un’s weight loss, state media say.  world

North Koreans are worried Leader’s apparent weight loss Kim Jong Unhandjob An unidentified resident of Pyongyang, quoted by the country’s state media, said after watching a recent video of Kim at a concert.

The rare public comment about Kim’s health came after Foreign analysts saw, in early June, that the leader Looks like a significant amount of weight has been lost (see a comparison image below).

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at a concert in Pyongyang. — Photo: Reuters

“It breaks our people’s hearts to see the respected general secretary (Kim Jong Un) so thin,” the man said in an interview broadcast by state broadcaster KRT.

In the video, which Reuters could not independently verify, Residents of Pyongyang were seen on the street looking at a large screen that showed a concert attended by Kim and party officials after a Korean Workers’ Party (WPK) plenary meeting.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrives at a concert in Pyongyang. – Photo: Reproduction/Reuters

Broadcast did not provide details What caused the weight loss?

Photo montage by Kim Jong-un on February 8 (left) and June 15 of this year highlights the slender face of the North Korean dictator – Photo: KCNA via AP

Given Kim’s tight grip on power in North Korea – and uncertainty about any plans for a successor – international media, spy agencies and experts are watching his health closely.

Early last year, speculation about Kim’s health erupted after her Missed the birth anniversary celebrations of the state’s founder Kim Il Sung on April 15, Only to reappear in public in early May.

In 2014, state media reported that Kim was suffering from “discomfort” after being out of the public eye for a long time.

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