Norway Christmas party causes biggest ‘micron outbreak’ outside South Africa

Norway Christmas party causes biggest ‘micron outbreak’ outside South Africa

At least 13 people in the capital of Oslo Norwaywere infected with Variant Omron The number of coronavirus cases after a corporate Christmas party, and that number could rise to more than 60, officials said on Friday (3).

The outbreak occurred on 26 November at an event organized by renewable energy company Scatec, which has operations in South Africa, where the variant was first detected.

“The party was a ‘super-broadcast’ event,” Preben Evitsland, a doctor at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, told Reuters via email.

“Our hypothesis is that at least half of the 120 participants during the party were infected with the Omicron variant. This is the largest ever Omicron outbreak outside South Africa.”

In addition to those infected in the incident, two people living on the country’s west coast and two people in quarantine at Oslo airport were confirmed as carriers of the Omicron version of the coronavirus.

The outbreak prompted the Norwegian government to reimpose some national restrictions to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Across Europe, companies are canceling Christmas party plans as tensions erupt.


In Oslo, the first person confirmed to be infected was at a party where at least one employee had returned from South Africa. All participants were fully vaccinated and tested negative prior to the event.

“Health officials have confirmed 12 more cases of Omicron in Oslo,” the city of Oslo said in a statement. “So far, 13 cases of Omicron have been confirmed after sequencing. More cases are expected. ,

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Health officials said the infected persons had mild symptoms so far, and no one is hospitalised.

“It is too early to say whether the clinical picture of disease is different for Omicron infection and Delta infection,” Avitsland said. “None of the patients had severe symptoms; No one was hospitalized. However, this is not expected considering the young age of the participants.”

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