O Dilemma Give Naomi Osaka

O Dilemma Give Naomi Osaka

by Danilo Vicente*

Japani Naomi Osaka This is the sensation of world tennis. A couple of reasons: It emerged nearly three years ago, beating sports icon Serena Williams in the US Open final (the first Asian to win a Grand Slam tournament), it has since grown a meteoric rise to second in the world rankings, inheriting an incredible is a story of overcoming racism (his father, a black Haitian, was rejected by his mother’s Japanese family) and taking a stand on important issues in society.

Now there’s another reason, and it got him out of the tennis “bubble”. Naomi withdrew from the Roland Garros tournament in France after the organization fined her $15,000 for not showing up at a post-game press conference. His attitude led to attacks and defenses all over the planet.

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