Obama, Bush and Clinton gave the message to Biden: ‘Your success is the success of the country’. world

Obama, Bush and Clinton gave the message to Biden: 'Your success is the success of the country'.  world

Gifted to Capture of Joe Biden, Former presidents of America, Bill Clinton, George w bush I Barack Obama He took the opportunity to record a greeting message for the new government and to reinforce the importance of a peaceful transition.

In the video, Wednesday night (20), aired during the special “America celebrating“Bush said that the fact that the three were together, talking about a peaceful transition of power reflects the” institutional integrity “of the United States.

Bush’s successor, who chaired the United States between 2001 and 2009, Obama announced that one of his “best memories” of Inauguration Day was the “grace and generosity” that Republicans had with him, and Laura Bush did with Michelle Obama.

Obama said, “It was a reminder that we can disagree fiercely and still recognize humanity in each other and the differences we have as Americans.”

For Clinton, the start of the Biden administration is a “new beginning”. The Democrat, who was ahead of the United States for two terms, praised the new president: “I’m glad you’re there and I wish you all the best.” You talked to us today, Now you will lead us and we are ready to march with you ”.

“Your success is the success of the country,” Bush concluded.

From left to right: Michelle and Barack Obama, Laura and George W. Bush and Hillary and Bill Clinton during the inauguration of Joe Biden, this Wednesday (20), in the USA – Photo: Tom Brenner / Reuters

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