Obama cancels birthday party due to Delta Edition advance. World

Obama cancels birthday party due to Delta Edition advance.  World

former US president Barack Obama, who turns 60 this Wednesday (4), will be canceling his birthday party due to the advance of Delta Edition coronavirus we United States of america.

The Democrats’ team announced a few months ago that they would hold a large private celebration next Saturday (7), which drew criticism due to the number of pandemics in the country.

Part of the pressure to cancel came mainly from his Republican opponents.

The US reported a 140% increase in new COVID-19 cases compared to two weeks ago – and a 50% increase in deaths over the same period.

Obama speaks at Joe Biden’s campaign rally this afternoon (21) in Philadelphia. — Photo: Reuters/Kevin Lamarcke

In a statement, a spokesman for the former president said the incident was thought of at a time when the US was in an isolated situation, with fewer casualties and infections.

Besides this, he also said that there were plans to hold the party outside, and it would follow the safety recommendations of health officials.

According to local press, hundreds of people were invited—including George Clooney, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey—some of them already on their way to the venue.

The party will take place on Martha’s Vineyard, a private island in Massachusetts, a very traditional vacation destination for US presidents.

A day earlier, Biden made a statement about the importance of vaccination, where he cited a study showing that 99% of COVID-19 deaths in the US occurred in unvaccinated people.

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