Obama Foundation provides scholarships to Columbia University; know more

Obama Foundation provides scholarships to Columbia University;  know more

a Obama FoundationThe Obama Foundation Scholars, an organization created by former US President Barack Obama and his wife and lawyer, Michelle Obama, annually promotes scholarships aimed at young leaders around the world. This year’s edition has started registration for international students and will fund an immersive program at Columbia University.

Obama Scholars offer full scholarships to leaders committed to working collectively to solve today’s greatest challenges, in addition to “building a global network spanning regions and borders.” Notifies the official website of the initiative. The purpose of the scholarship is that, after graduation, these leaders return to their countries of origin and implement new actions to generate a positive impact.

What Obama Foundation Scholars Offer

The Obama Foundation grants offer two program options, one to Columbia University and one to Chicago. However, only the Columbia version is available to students from any institution in the world. The Scholarship for the University of Chicago is only for those who are taking the final year of a master’s degree at the institution.

Thus, the Columbia University Fellowship provides one-year training that begins in August and ends in May, and includes full-time activities. Check this link (available here) More information about the initiative.

Obama Foundation Scholars at Columbia University

To apply for the Columbia University program, you must demonstrate leadership experience in a community, region or country, demonstrate a commitment to return to your field after the program, and make a significant contribution to your fields. In addition, you must be fluent in English (TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo English Test), two letters of recommendation and be willing to develop activities that will have a positive impact for the future.

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Colombia’s program includes:

  • weekly seminars on relevant current affairs;
  • Professional and personal development workshops;
  • experiential learning;
  • audio course planning;
  • an “Innovative Leadership Speaker Series”;
  • Partnership with Columbia Faculty Advisors;
  • monthly allowances for living expenses in New York;
  • House;
  • coverage of all university costs;
  • health insurance;
  • Round trip expenses.

To apply, you need to fill the online application form (available here), and submit a resume vitae with a career summary, academic record, and evidence. Registration also requires submission of a “Video Statement” in the format of Personal Statement (Personal Statement) with a maximum duration of 3 minutes. Videos can be published on Youtube or Vimeo, and participants must submit a link in the form.

More information about the program at Columbia University at this link (available here) Interested parties will have to register by December 22.

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