Off-duty police officers investigated for participating in the US Capitol invasion, the newspaper says. world

Off-duty police officers investigated for participating in the US Capitol invasion, the newspaper says.  world

At least 13 off-duty police officers are suspected to have attended Invasion of the capitol 6-on-pro Donald Trump protesters, during a congressional ceremony that won Joe Biden In the US presidential elections. This information was published in the American newspaper Washington Post on Saturday (16)

Investigators continue to examine recordings and images of violent performances on the 6th to identify participants. As a result, the number of police officers involved may increase.

According to the newspaper, US police commanders are turning to the FBI and reminding police officers of their departments that the Capitol invasion was criminal conduct and could result in the corporation’s expulsion and even imprisonment.

“We’re making it clear that they have First Amendment rights like all Americans,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, who on Thursday accepted the resignation of an 18-year-old veteran in his department because of his involvement. Attack. “However, involvement in activities that go beyond the limits of criminal conduct will not be tolerated.”

In addition to showing the film and photos raiding Capitol by Washington police, the Washington Post says investigators are receiving complaints from other officers who disagree with their colleagues’ stance.

This is the case, according to the newspaper, condemned by 47-year-old officer Robert Robertson, an associate of his department. Following his involvement in the invasion, Roberton wrote on social media that a legitimate republic is supported by 4 boxes. Soap box, ballot box, jury box and then cartridge box. We just moved on to step 3. Phase 4 will not be pretty … I spent most of my adult life fighting a rebellion. I am going to be part of one, ”posted the officer, who was later arrested by the FBI along with another fellow police officer.

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Dozens of police were injured during the riots and US Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Includes Siknic Five people died that day.

Plans for the coming days

Towards the White House: Joe Biden’s opening ceremony will be the most tense in decades

According to a recent FBI internal report cited by the US press, an “identified armed group” is preparing to “invade” government buildings in all 50 US states and in the capital over the next few days until a democratic president Do not take the position.

The FBI specifically mentions the far-right Boogaloo movement, which advocates civil war to overthrow the government, and cites credible threats in the states of Michigan and Minnesota.

Many states have taken precautionary measures, such as raising additional numbers of agents to protect government seats.

The city of Washington is under closed surveillance, with 21,000 National Guard soldiers deployed and swept across the neighborhood due to threats from new demonstrations by Trump’s followers.

Video: Pro-Trump protesters attack US Congress

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