Oh no! These games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass soon – January 15th

Oh no!  These games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass soon – January 15th

Check out the games coming out of Xbox Game Pass in January

With the month of January approaching and the first batch of Xbox Game Pass games soon to be unveiled, Microsoft has unveiled the games that will pop out of the service’s catalog. end of month

Microsoft has announced that these games will be leaving the catalog in January, so if you haven’t played any of them, hurry. We’ll update monthly, which games leave a lot xbox and this too pc, check out:

Departure Jan 12
  • pubg, which will become free to play (to console).
Departure Jan 15
  • Desperados 3 (PC e Console);
  • Ghost of a Tale (PC);
  • Mounts and Blades: Warband (Console and PC);
  • Pandemic: Board Game (Console and PC);
  • YIIK: A postmodern RPG (PC).

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