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The Pocket Writer and Influencer Olavo di carvalho He had to be hospitalized on Tuesday, 13 due to respiratory problems. According to his team in a statement on Telegram, the condition is not critical. It is the second hospital reported by the author in only one year.

Details were not disclosed by the team, but Olavo posted on his social network that he needed to return to the hospital from time to time due to the “side effects” of surgery performed in 2018 to remove one. Tracheal tumor.

Olavo published on the network this Wednesday, “I was born with a tumor in the trachea, trying to eradicate me in childhood, calm down and leave me alone until I was 71 years old.” “One day, he decided to take my air out and put me in the emergency room at VCU Hospital (Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, United States, where he lives), Where two surgeons saved my life. Since then, the operation has not stopped causing side effects that periodically take me back to the hospital ”.

Olavo was a live participant in the launch of a course on its YouTube channel on Tuesday, but the class was replaced by a video that, according to the organization of the event, would have been recorded from inside the hospital. In February last year, the author was hospitalized in the United States for two days and required to be intubated due to respiratory distress.

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