OLED Switch Vs. Original: See one of the first comparisons

Imagem de: Switch OLED vs. original: assista a um dos primeiros comparativos

With the launch of the OLED Switch getting closer, we’ve finally started producing content by third parties other than Nintendo, including the video below – possibly the first side-by-side reveal between the new model and Compare a basic switch.

The video was posted on the Nintendo Prime channel, but was not filmed by them. Those responsible for the channel say they found photos of a fan, including all unboxing and comparison scenes.

As it is believed to have been made by a fan, unfortunately the video doesn’t show a direct screen shot, just footage from outside the devices working side-by-side. But this angle does a good job of showing off the power of the new version of the Switch and the brightness of its larger screen size.

Nintendo has already revealed in the specifications that o Switch OLED It will have a 0.8-inch bigger screen than the original version, but it’s quite interesting to see straight-up how much this increase actually represents.

Although the lighting and angles aren’t ideal, you can also clearly see the gains in color quality and brightness power provided by the OLED lighting technology present in the new version of the notebook.

The OLED Switch Will Be Released on October 8th, Simultaneously metroid dread, one of Nintendo’s top games for the year.

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