Oppo unveils new rollball concept phone, Oppo X2021

Oppo unveils new rollball concept phone, Oppo X2021

Oppo’s new concept phone, the Oppo X2021 may look like an average smartphone at first glance, but it does offer a rollable display.

Normally, the screen of the device is set at 6.7 inches, however, in tablet mode the smartphone has a 7.4 inch screen.

Oppo calls a “constantly changing LED display”, with a quick toggle the phone’s screen can be adjusted anywhere from 6.7 to 7.4 inches.

During a demo demonstrating the new technology, a video shows how the phone resizes itself to fill the screen. Oppo X2020 can do the same with other apps like Twitter.

The device features a second placed on a ‘lap track’, and then a 6.8mm roll motor is used to move the display into a box.

Next, the rollball screen consists of two parts of a 2-in-1 plate that roll out at the same time for better support.

Oppo has also unveiled smart glasses called ‘Oppo AR Glass 2021’. That’s a reasonable fact that the China-based company says is 75 percent lighter than its predecessor released last year.

Smart glasses include a stereo fish camera for gesture recognition, a time-of-light sensor and an RGB camera. They connected directly to the Snapdragon 865-based Fide X2 Pro smartphone via a USB-C cable.

It’s important to note that Oppo’s smartphones haven’t been officially released in Canada, so the Oppo X2021 is unlikely to ever make its way here. The price of a futuristic looking smartphone is also unknown.

Source: Oppo Roy: @ISUNverse

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