Our phones are spying on us so we all need to know how to mute apps

Our phones are spying on us so we all need to know how to mute apps

How many times while visiting a site have we found ads about the day that was talked about the day before? One day we find ourselves talking about the imaginary prospect of buying a home, and the next we are showered with ads for loans and mortgages.

If you think about it more than once, then the doubt came to our mind that someone is listening to us. Yes, our phones are spying on us and that’s why we all should know how to mute apps.

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Before explaining how to disable the possibility of “hearing” by our devices, it is pertinent to clarify that we are the first to “make mistakes”. also in relation to The “nuisances” of the call center that call us Constantly and we do not know how to get rid of it, the error started with us.

We are often the ones who provide our sensitive data to third parties. The latter, with our consent, will resell our data to other operators, thus starting a vicious cycle.

But how can we not give our consent? First of all we should not start accepting all cookies that appear as banners every time we visit a site. Instead of clicking “Accept” you should click on “Show Preferences” and from there disable all cookies and advertising and marketing treatments.

Our phones are spying on us so we all need to know how to mute apps

Privacy Guarantor has launched an alert About the danger of being tracked through the always active microphone on our phone. Following several reports, Guarantor has launched an extensive investigation on the most downloaded apps by users to check compliance with their information.

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Until it is clear how the institutional body wants to proceed, it is worth knowing how to protect itself in the meantime. First, we should look at all the permissions that apps ask of us: location, tracking, etc. It is always appropriate to deny everything, unless we need them for specific reasons. For example, Device Maps needs to know our location in order to provide us with directions.

To disable the microphone for all apps, the procedure is as follows:

  • Android: Settings – Privacy – Manage permissions – Microphone;
  • iOS: Settings – Privacy – Microphone.

In addition, apps like Google’s Assistant and Siri also have microphone tracking. Here are the steps to deactivate it:

  • Google Assistant for Android: Settings – Applications – Google – Permissions – Microphone (deny);
  • Siri for iOS: Settings – Accessibility – Voice Control (set it to “Off”).
(We remind you to carefully read the warnings related to this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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