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After a year in which he joined the anti-racist struggle around the world, the last players were Libertadores This will probably be decided by gunmen who also speak out against racism. Santos striker, victim of racial injury last year Marine He became an almost anti-discrimination activist. Their fight is also in the shoes they wear. Center forward Luiz Adriano Uses traumatic experiences living in Eastern Europe primarily to mark their position on social networks.

For Marinho, the wound has not yet healed. In July last year, Pando’s Alagoans suffered racial injuries in the defeat of Santos, which ranged from 3 to 1. 9 to Ponte Prieta. During the broadcast of the match on Radio 97 FM radio, reporter Fabio Benettetti said that he would say “you are a slave” as punishment for the red card to the player in the first half. He was removed from the radio because of the episode.

Marinho emphasized social networks. “I was really bad about it, I was crying so much. I never felt it so strongly. It happened to me when I didn’t have an active voice. When this episode happened now, it hurt me . I know I’m there. Many of the people suffering in the occult, who can’t speak, have no voice. It’s a crime, “the Santa player said on the video. Marinho said he forgave the broadcaster, but the professional would still have to pay. “For what he did”.

This episode emphasized the importance of the athlete as a spokesperson for the fight against racism in football. In the match against the Boca Juniors in the Libertadores semi-finals at Vella Belmiro, in the match that qualified the Villa team for the final of the Maracana, he wore an orange boot with the inscription “Black Lives Matter”. Image of closed fist, on the front side of the shoe.

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter (in Black Lives Matter, Free Translation) won the world in May last year by demonstrations against the death of George Floyd by a policeman in Minneapolis in the United States. Famous and anonymous people use the term in social networks and on the streets to demand that officials protect black lives. In Brazil, the ideal, João Alberto Freitas, gained momentum after a black man was beaten to death by two whites at a Carrefour supermarket in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande Sul, on November 19, the pre-Black Awareness Day In the evening

Luiz Adriano has an anti-racist performance that focuses more on social networks. Luiz Adriano moved to Shekhar Donetsk in 2007, where he served most of his career, reserving the 2006 international title. It was in Eastern Europe that the 33-year-old, one of the main stars of Russian football, had learned to deal with racism.

In 2014, when he was defending Shekhar Donetsk, Luiz Adriano scored five goals in a 7–0 defeat by Bate Borisov in the Champions League. When Brazil took the ball, opposing fans started mimicking monkeys. As a punishment, the club was forced to play the next game with closed gates. Four years later, Shekhar compared himself to melting chocolate while strikers were training and sweating in the sun.

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The owners of 11 titles for the Ukrainian club also joined the movement which highlighted the importance of black life. “I am happy to see that people are talking, more aware and defending the cause,” said the Palmyras center.

Engagement is a family issue. His ex-wife, model Ekaterina Dorozoko, confessed on social media that she was suffering from being married to a black man. “For us, my family and I, it is unacceptable to undergo any form of prejudice and it is unacceptable for any human to suffer in the skin. The world still needs to change a lot and people need to learn that there are no differences, whether they are racial, gender or social class. Nothing justifies this. His ex-wife, model Ekaterina Dorozoko, confessed on social media that she was suffering from being married to a black man.

Luiz Adriano and Marinho are still lonely voices, but the scene is changing. This is the opinion of social scientist Marcel Tonini. “The landscape is changing, but not at the required pace and required speed,” says the Doctor in Social History at USP. “In Santos, Marinho is the one who engages the most; in Palmyras, Luiz Adriano. How many more do we have in each club? And others? Two, three, four, with a maximum of five athletes in a team with some 30 athletes”, He asks.

In expert opinion, this is because athletes are still marked by the fight against racism. “Raising your fists and your voice means that the football is being marked in the universe and the consequences begin to suffer as soon as failure comes to the door,” he says. “Rebel” players, mostly black, always suffer the consequences of their actions. Fausto, Leonidas, Jere da Rosa Pinto, Pelé, when he retired from the national team and decided to become a businessman, Paulo Cesar Lima, Rinaldo … Anyway, Marinho and Luiz Adriano are still exceptions in our football and its Will have to bear the brunt His struggles, unfortunately, he concludes.

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