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of china counting on Pakistan (Pakistan) is dreaming big. Pakistan Now he is dreaming of exporting mobile phones. This was announced by Pakistan’s Finance Adviser Razzaq Dawood at a business event. Dawood said that Pakistan will start exporting home-made mobile phones from January 2022. (Samsung is ready to build a plant in Pakistan. Razak Dawood’s statement.)

According to Pakistani newspaper Dawn, Razzaq said that the production of mobile phones has started in the country. I am currently seeking permission to export mobile phones from Pakistan of china Trying to make up my mind. They started production here only last year. I had set a target of December 2021. They have promised me to export from Pakistan from January 2022.

Two years ago, no one thought that Pakistan would start manufacturing and exporting mobile phones. It is an export promotion product. Dawood said that at present no export target has been set.

They say samsung ready to come…
like samsung He said that the big company is ready to come to Pakistan. On the other hand, the condition of Pakistan is not hidden from anyone. Small and big industries are shutting down due to power shortage. Inflation is skyrocketing. The prices of things like flour, vegetables, sugar are touching the sky. Tension with India has also affected Pakistan’s imports. Pakistan was heavily dependent on India for cotton and cement. Corruption and the country’s debt have become so bad that the condition of Pakistan has worsened.

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web title: Pakistan: Will your smartphone be ‘Made in Pakistan’?; ask for export permission from china

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