Paraguay has contracted to purchase Russian vaccine Sputnik V

Paraguay has contracted to purchase Russian vaccine Sputnik V

The Paraguay Health activists signed a contract to purchase Russian Sputnik V’s vaccine, for paramedics and vaccination for people over 60, Health Minister Julio Majolany announced Thursday (4).

“I am pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with the Russian Investment Fund,” the Secretary of State said at a news conference.

“Later we will report on the amount of vaccines and delivery time against Kovid-19,” he said.

This is the result of direct negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, Majolani said.

The minister recalled that another batch of vaccines from Oxford-Aztrezeneca, manufactured in the United Kingdom and acquired through the Kovacs mechanism, would arrive in Paraguay in the second half of February, without specifying the quantity.

With just over 7 million inhabitants, Paraguay has a record of about 136,000 infected and 2,779 deaths from Kovid-19, the lowest in South America, according to the latest figures released on Thursday.

“The epidemiological situation is stable with respect to the first two weeks of this year,” the minister said. “Although the numbers are stable, they are still high and it does not allow us to rest”, he emphasized.

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