Paraguay targets part of 80 million doses of vaccines donated by USA – 01/06/2021

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Asuncion, May 31 (EFE) .- Paraguay, with 9,000 deaths from Covid-19, hopes to be able to reach the portion of the 80 million doses of vaccines that the United States will make available to the rest of the world and which Predominantly intended for countries in Latin America, as announced by the Foreign Minister, Euclides Acevedo, this Monday.

The Chancellor attended a meeting at the Government Palace with President Mario Abdo Benitez and Asuncion, the United States Embassy’s Charge d’affaires in Salazar, with the agenda focused on vaccines against Kovid-19, which did not arrive in Paraguay. in a big way.

Although Acevedo and Salazar highlighted “good interactions”, none of them specified concrete data on quantities or dates.

“Our conversation today with our friends at the US Embassy is to emphasize the importance that vaccines mean to us. We all know that there are 80 million doses of vaccines from the Biden government, but for 30 countries. And that would certainly mean equal distribution. ” The Chancellor commented after the meeting.

Salazar also spoke cautiously to avoid “giving expectations” and hopes to share “good news” in the coming weeks.

The US embassy in charge said, “Many countries have asked us for help in this matter. It depends on how much we can share with our colleagues, with our friends. We want to make sure that We are justified in the delivery of these vaccines. ” .

In mid-May, the US government announced a global donation of 80 million doses of vaccines against coronaviruses, with 60 million already promised to AstraZeneca, which the US is not using, as well as approved by Pfizer / 20 million brands administered are also included. BioNotech, Moderna and Janssen.

The US will work with the Covax system led by the World Health Organization (WHO) to distribute its donations.

Paraguay has had difficulties accessing vaccines and most of the vaccinations received so far have been from donations from other countries.

The shortage of vaccines has forced Paraguay officials to postpone vaccination campaigns in six departments of the country until new doses arrive last week.

Today, Acevedo said that, according to information from the Ministry of Health, 134,400 doses of the Covax system will arrive this week, as well as 100,000 vaccinations donated by Qatar, as confirmed by the Paraguayan ambassador in Doha.

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