Parents can’t stop smiling: this girl will do anything for dessert

Parents can’t stop smiling: this girl will do anything for dessert

The video shows the girl eating sweet corn, and both her parents are seated at the table with her.

Soon the mother decides to tease her daughter and, as if knowing what will happen next, takes a corn and tries to put it in her mouth.

This behavior of the young mother greatly angered the young girlfriend, who started screaming “Ni” and tried in every way to stop her mother from taking her favorite modesty. As my mother poured corn on the plate, the girl began to laugh selectively and the annoyance vanished.

Video stage final

The TV3 group’s project videoshot, which began in early March and is in a good mood, is ending. The images of extraordinary everyday life bribed the hearts of many, and voters had already decided which of the 21 pictures they put up that could earn the winner’s status.

The winner will receive the main prize – the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phone. This will allow you to capture both cinematic 8K video and incredible photos at the same time. And with ultra-advanced portrait mode, you can take photos on par with Photo Studio. The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is the fastest chip with Galaxy, the strongest glass, 5G and all-day battery will meet all expectations. The Knox security platform provides high-quality phone security and additional security for personal data.

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