Paris Hilton hands out NFTs to TV show viewers

Paris Hilton hands out NFTs to TV show viewers
The socialite, since November 2021, is in the world of NFTs

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  • Paris Hilton Presents TV Show Viewers With NFT

  • Host of “The Tonight Show” also honored

  • The actress took this opportunity to announce her latest collection of NFTs

Actress Paris Hilton surprised “The Tonight Show” viewers with a present there NFT, Also not spared was presenter Jimmy Fallon, who received an irreplaceable token during an interview with Celebrity last Monday (24).

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“I think people will like it. You like it so much I want to give you the first [NFT], And I want to give one to everyone in the audience,” Hilton announced during the show.

Good-natured, the presenter did not stop playing with the situation. “I think this is the first NFT donation in the history of television.”

The actress announces the next collection of NFTs

Paris Hilton took advantage of the event to comment on “Forever Fairytale,” her latest collection of non-fungible tokens. The novelty was created as a memoir with her husband, Carter Rem.

The socialite has, since November 2021, featured and presented herself inside the world of NFTs – with tokens to friends and fans – in addition to the audience and Jimmy Fallon.

On Twitter, Hilton responded to a fan who said it was “so cool that everyone in the @FallonTonight show audience was presented with an NFT. Way to represent!”. She wrote: “Always my family’s I love everyone in this wonderful community so much and I want the whole world to understand and know!

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NFT attracts the attention of athletes

Who is Neymar in the world of irreplaceable tokens. Recently, the football player acquired two units of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, one of the most famous today, featuring colorful and stylish monkeys. The investment was over R$6 million.

Tennis player Serena Williams was also not far behind. She joined the team at the sports NFT platform Sorare to act as an advisor to the company’s board of directors and guide the board on issues related to relationships with athletes, the expansion of other sports, and the inclusion of women’s sports.

“NFTs have the potential to be a powerful tool to bring equity and investment to the women’s sport. […] I am sure Sorare will define the culture and tone of the future of sports entertainment”, he told EXAM.

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