Passenger aircraft are in danger … The reason is the fifth generation phones

Passenger aircraft are in danger ... The reason is the fifth generation phones

To prevent the evil of these phones, recommended French authorities Turn off these devices during Ticket.

A spokesman for the Directorate General of Civil Aviation told “AFP”: “The use of fifth-generation equipment on board aircraft may pose interference risks that may cause errors in altitude measurements.”

This potential phenomenon, errors caused by “signal disruption from the same or higher power near-frequency waveform than radar ultimators”, may be “significant, especially during the phase of landing on equipment,” Huh. French Directorate.

Last week, the directorate issued a bulletin giving information on the subject, which was directed to companies working in the aviation sector.

This document provides for a number of preventive measures, the most prominent of which is to “shut down all electronic devices operating in the fifth generation system or operate them in flight mode.”

And he continued, “In the event of a disturbance, the crew of the aircraft should notify the operator of the air navigation services to take the necessary practical steps and inform the control authority and the airport management authority.”

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation indicated that it has prepared a framework for the conditions for deploying fifth-generation antennas on the ground to control the risks of aviation systems interference during the landing phase at French airports.

This was translated by reducing the transmission power of fifth-generation antennas, currently deployed on French lands, according to the directorate, a “supplementary technical analysis” announced in November, “17 airports for permanent landing operations.” Permits for permanent landing operations, near bases. “The goal is to ensure that these stations meet the needs of civil aviation”.

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For the remaining 123 airports in the French region, “antennas are being monitored in close coordination with the national agency with enhanced means for work, which is increasingly for frequency with extended means of work.” The movement allows “disturbances,” according to the French Directorate announced Tuesday.

At the end of December, more than 8,600 5G sites were available for commercial use by telecom operators in France, according to data published by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the middle of last month.

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