Passengers are duct-taped to sit with U.S. flight interrupted; watch | world

Passengers are duct-taped to sit with U.S. flight interrupted;  watch |  world

A woman who caused “security hazards” on a flight between Dallas and Charlotte was confined to her seat with duct tape last week. In a video recorded by another passenger, she can be seen still attached to the seat (watch video above).

according to a statement from American Airlineshandjob The woman tried to open the door of a plane, then injured a flight attendant, who she attacked by biting and spitting.

The incident occurred on Flight 1774, which departed from Dallas. texas, bound for charlotte, in North Caroline, on 6 July, with 190 passengers.

“For the safety of other customers and our crew, the individual was held in custody until the flight landed and may have been attended to by police and emergency personnel,” the statement said.

After landing, the woman was referred to the hospital for examination.

According to the passenger who posted the video, the cabin lights were turned on at around 1:30, and there was an unusual movement by the flight attendant, who ran to the spot where the woman, apparently during a nervous breakdown, was trying . Opening the door – which according to American Airlines would be impossible.

Witnesses say she said she wanted to get off the plane and that the flight attendant had to get her off by knocking on the door.

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